Product Supplies

We can supply a wide range of products in heating, cleaning, caging, lighting, decorations and much, much more!
We stock product brands such as Animal & Reptile Supplies Australia, Vetafarm, Repti-Zoo, F10, Next Generation Pet Foods, Pisces Enterprises and more so you can rest assured that not only are you getting the best products on the market but its covered by warranty and kept to the highest standards in the industry.

Our product base is not only limited to reptiles and invertebrates but we also cater for cats, dogs, fish and small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. So if you need to get some supplies get in contact with us.

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Supply of Reptiles and Invertebrates

We breed reptiles and invertebrates and supply to the hobby both at a retail and wholesale level.
We currently breed many different types of quality Pythons from Jags and Zebras to recessive traits such as Albino and Axanthics. We keep a few Elapids such as Yellow Face Whip Snakes, Marsh Snakes and Golden Crown Snakes. We also have Blue Tongue Lizard Morphs such as Platinum, Snow and Lavas, from this our passion for skinks quickly moved us to Albino Tree Skinks where we have a number of colonies.

We also have an extensive collection on Australian Tarantulas, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, roaches and many other insects. We sell our invertebrates all year round where stock availability is available from slings to adult tarantulas and 2nd Instar scorpions to adults.

To see what we have available in products, reptiles and invertebrates please visit our new ONLINE SHOP. Or alternatively, visit our Facebook page to send us a PM or alternatively give us a call!

After Care, Free Advice & Recommendations:

We offer after care on all Reptiles and Invertebrates purchased though us.
We can also give you advice and recommendations on care, setup and food/lighting requirements, sizing and type of foods to feed (we are not Vets so advice is general only and if at all concerned on health of your reptile, please call your local reptile specialist vet).

Licenced and Insured Reptile Relocations

We are a licensed and insured Snake Catcher.

If you require Reptiles and Tarantulas to be removed from your home or business please call us on 0438 346 679.
We can also advise you on ways to manage and help prevent Snakes and other reptiles coming back in. FEES DO APPLY!
See our Reptile Removals page for further information.