• 1) Do I need a license to own a Reptile or Invertebrate?
  • Reptiles yes, depending on what state you live in depends on what class they fall into or if you require a license. Some states do not require a license for basic level reptiles like Blue Tongue Lizards, Bearded Dragons and Eastern Water Dragons etc. Here in QLD, all reptiles require a license to own, if you have any questions regarding your states licensing requirements it’s advised to seek information from your states Parks & Wildlife departments. As for Invertebrates, there are no current licenses required for invertebrates in any states in Australia to keep as a pet.

  • 2) I just received my Tarantula Sling now what do I do?
  • Upon receiving your new Tarantula Slings you are required to remove the paper and carefully open it to ensure the Sling is not hiding in there, also check that it is alive and well as after receiving the Sling warranty only covers it though shipping till it’s safe arrival. Once the paper is removed allow the Sling to settle in for a week prior to first feedings.

  • 3) Can I handle my Tarantula?
  • We never recommend handling tarantulas due to the serious harm that can be done to them if dropped. We also don’t know any health issues or medical circumstances you may have around being bitten. So as a blanket rule it is not advised or at buyers risk!

  • 4) When can I feed my new snake?
  • When purchasing hatching snakes from us we ask that you do not feed it or handle it for minimum 2 weeks after purchase merely replace any soiled substrate and fresh water. This is to give your Snake the time to settle in and become used to its new surroundings and environment. They are well fed here and given the best care and start in life and 2 weeks of not eating will have no negative effects on him or her.

  • 5)I can’t find Pinhead Crickets at my local pet shop what can I do?
  • If you can’t find any Pinhead crickets at your local store and they don’t want to order in for you, you can simply buy a packet of small crickets and carefully remove the legs from one and place that in with your Sling.

  • 6)How do I order Products or buy Reptiles and Invertebrates?
  • To purchase anything from us simply Text, MSG our Facebook page or give us a call for over the phone orders and payments. We have so much in and out of stock all the time it’s almost impossible to have an exact list of what is available at any one time. We do our best to keep our Facebook page up to date with availabilities.

  • 7)Do I need a permit to import Invertebrates?
  • There is no requirement for permits to import in any state except for Western Australia. WA Customers require import permits which need to be affixed to the consignment prior to shipping. This permit is the responsibility of the buyer and is required to be emailed to us prior to shipping. To find this form please see 'Quick Links' on our home page.

  • 8)Can I get Red Knees, Pink Toed and Cobalt Blue Tarantulas and Empire Scorpions in Australia?
  • No, Australian law prohibits the sale and keeping of all Exotic Invertebrates and heavy fines apply for selling and keeping of them here in Australia.

  • 9)What is the chances of my Tarantula or Scorpion dying in freight?
  • There is less than a 1% chance of your new purchase arriving dead (DOA). We pack and ship in such a way that not only protects it from a bumpy journey but also from the elements. We 100% back our shipping method and if the unfortunate happens, please get in contact ASAP with us with photos of the box and invertebrate and we will resend another out to you. We need these photo in case it’s a fault of the courier or just an unfortunate thing that has happened whist in transit to you.

  • 10)What are my payment options?
  • We have various payment options available to people though cash, Eftpos, over phone credit card payments and bank transfers (CBA), Paypal is not accepted on live stock.

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